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Know your property is protected with our guarantees


Read below to learn how our Promises will best benefit you.

Happiness Promise

Simply Managed is a true believer of quality customer experience. Should any issues ever arise or you find yourself unhappy give us a call! We believe every problem has a solution and we will work to find it together.

Results Promise

At Simply Managed, our Results Promise holds us to a higher standard. When you hire us to manage your property we take care of all the demanding groundwork for you. This means that we diligently market your property in all the relevant locations (online and through conventional means), show your property to pre-screened tenants, select tenants based on our thorough selection process and take care of all paperwork and initial inspections. Much of this is done before we’re paid!

Leasing Promise

Our Lease Promise allows for the mutual termination of our leasing agreement if a tenant cannot be found within 6 months. Either we will troubleshoot and find a better solution, or we can amicably part ways without paying any early termination fees.

Pet Promise

Our comprehensive pet screening process is designed to gather key bits of information regarding any animals being considered as part of our lease. With the information obtained through the pet screening application process we can make an informed decision on the pet and ultimately work to prevent any unforeseen surprises.